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No evidence of foul play here. No, sir. Everything looks normal.

I didn’t actually read beyond the first paragraph of the story for obvious reasons. I can’t believe someone put this out there as legitimate news.Apparently, the body of a a UK Spy was found naked in a locked sports bag in his bathtub. Ok, that’s legitimate news. However, the first line of the article indicates that the the Coroner stated “he was likely killed in a criminal act.” 

Really? We needed a coroner and a 21-month police investigation to tell us this astounding fact? Who in their right mind actually thought this was anything other than a criminal act? This is just depressing. 

Some other great lines from the article: “Wilcox said it appeared “extremely unlikely” that Williams could have climbed inside the sports bag and locked it himself. Two different specialists attempted to recreate the feat hundreds of times without success.” 

“Wilcox dismissed claims that a fetish for sadomasochism or transvestitism may have been behind Williams’ death. There was no evidence the spy was interested in any such thing, Wilcox concluded. She added that she believed rumors may have been stoked by a “third party to manipulate the evidence,” without elaborating.” 

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