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In what universe did Ron Paul win?

For those curious, this article basically states that Ron Paul won the Republican nomination because the party cheated him out of his rightful place on the nomination floor. All I can say is good lord this is a load of drivel.

Ron Paul lost the nomination by a landslide. The other major losing candidates (both of whom got more votes and delegates than Mr. Paul) conceded defeat months ago, putting the interest of the party ahead of their own selfish agendas. This is standard fare for political primary races, as candidates will, in the end, put the best interest of the party first. 

Ron Paul’s problem stems from the fact that he’s really not a Republican at all, and thus doesn’t really care about sabotaging the party. He refused to concede a race that he clearly lost by a huge margin, instead choosing to demand his 15 minutes of fame at the convention. His supporters attempted to sabotage the process by installing him as the “rightful” candidate in some sort of fringe coup attempt. In the end, their antics only served to divide the party. If left unchecked, they could very well have destroyed the Republicans’ chance of winning the election in November. Thus, Mr. Paul and his selfishness had to be stopped.

Political conventions are not in of themselves democracies. The democratic part of the process happened months ago when voters chose the candidate they wanted to represent their party. The convention is a time for the entire party to rally behind that candidate and lay out a clear path to victory in the upcoming election. Any assertions to the contrary by Mr. Paul show at best a failure to understand the political process and at worst a narcissistic egotistical attitude towards himself and a vehement disdain for supposed political party. Either way, his selfish antics have done little to convince voters that he will ever be qualified to lead this country. 

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I’d say it’s well worth the $180k.

Today we meet Marie, an avatar installed at LaGuardia airport for a cost of only $60,000 per unit. What does it do, you ask? It activates when someone walks by and talks about where the bathrooms are.  

It doesn’t answer questions, and it doesn’t replace a human worker. At best it is a video, at worst a $50 sign. And despite all that, the guy from the Port Authority thinks it’s a great investment. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about why our government is completely dysfunctional and debt-ridden, I don’t know what will.

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